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If you’re a Health Care Practitioner or Healer and you’re on the edge of burnout, my heart goes out to you.

I can help you. I know the space you are in and how painful it can be.

I am offering a revolutionary intuitive coaching and consulting program uniquely designed for Health Care Practitioners and Healers who are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the passion that brought them, or you, to the healing arts, and who are also open to personal transformation.

To explore your commitment to recovering your enthusiasm for your profession or to discover where your enthusiasm now lies, please book your appointment with me right here.

In this FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Conversation, we will explore together whether this program is the ideal fit to help you love what you do again and to get a clearer, empassioned vision for the important work you do.

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The following testimonials are authentic and verifiable. Each client has authorized me to publish their experience and appreciation of my services.

Clear Intuitive Guidance Helped Me Get Past a Block

“Dr. Burck helped me finally move past a belief which had been blocking me.  He intuitively knew just the right questions to ask. As a result, I felt lighter and more fully connected to my inner guidance.  I am grateful for Dr. Burck’s gifts, abilities and insights!”

– Sara Gettys
I Received Guidance & Felt Peace from Archangel Gabriel

“Dr. Burck (Russell) conducted an Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing with me. We addressed half a dozen issues. At one point, Russell heard Archangel Gabriel, saying that he had heard my issues. Gabriel recommended that I ask myself which of them I could resolve simultaneously, which I could do sequentially, and where to start.

I sorted these things out in real time with Archangel Gabriel, feeling peace at the end of the process. I had no idea what to expect, but it was very insightful and I loved the guidance from Archangel Gabriel! Thank you, Russell! I really appreciate it!”

–Anne Kirvan
My Inner Child Was Healed & I Found My Magic Again!

I worked with Russell, He is a gifted intuitive, he was very powerful in guiding me to see my inner child, and gently supported me in accepting what I had forgotten, My magic. I am forever grateful.

–Patricia Hill

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Dr. Burck’s Respectful, Pertinent Questions Helped Me Move Forward in My Business

Ms. Huupponen successfully navigated the change in her business life that she refers to here: I’m currently at a fork in the road in my business life. A conversation with Intuitive Consultant Dr. Russell Burck helped me find the guidance on which direction to take. Russell asked pertinent questions and reflected back my responses, which allowed me to clearly ‘hear’ my ideas.  He also brought to my attention a very important point, contextualizing it in a way that will be most helpful in my marketing, and which I would never have seen or considered on my own. I expected him to say “Yes, do this” / “No, don’t do that.” It wasn’t like that at all. Just talking with Russell was beneficial and his questions were intelligent and knowledgeable. I recommend his services to others seeking clarity.

Virginia Huupponen, Perth Australia

Intuitive Questions Helped Me Step into a New Phase of My Career as a Healer

Dr. Lewis wrote these appreciative comments while she was making a major professional change from chiropractic to “medical detective.” I have felt a lot turbulence as I am transitioning from a non-traditional intuitive Chiropractor of 25 years to working in groups and developing systems that will allow people to transcend the obstacles preventing them from achieving their soul’s purpose. Through Russell’s intuitive questions, I saw that the turbulence is tied to regret, which could keep me stuck in a profession that does not fully serve my life purpose. My freedom came when I realized that there is absolutely nothing to regret. Does the butterfly regret that it is no longer a caterpillar?

Julia Christine Lewis, D.C.

Sara Gettys

Dr. Burck helped me finally move past a belief which had been blocking me.  He intuitively knew just the right questions to ask. As a result, I felt lighter and more fully connected to my inner guidance.  I am grateful for Dr. Burck's gifts, abilities and insights! ”

Sara Gettys

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My Mission and Your Mission

My mission is to state my understanding of your mission. If you agree with my statement, my mission is to help you accomplish it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create and employ effective solutions for the things that do the most harm to the way you feel about your profession, so that in no more than 4 weeks, you feel your love for being a doctor coming back and are confident that you can stay on this path.

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Do it. See what you learn.

Do it now.

The above message also applies to energy and spiritual healers who are considering Intuitive Angelic Miracle (IAM) Healing and Readings. You can learn more about that here [insert link].

~ Rev. J. Russell Burck, Ph.D.


FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Conversation
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Why I’m the Guy Who Can Help You Love Being a Health Care Practitioner Again

I get results with people

  • As hospital chaplain and ethics consultant, I helped people ease their self-criticism about not being the model patient feel that their prayers were heard by the way in which I prayed, going through tough times with them and helping them feel safely accompanied to the other side of the tribulations.
  • I have testimonials from a number of people about the results of my Intuitive Consulting. See the testimonials on this website.
  1. I get results as an author.

  2. During my career, I published more than 50 articles, book chapters, and book reviews, in German (I wrote them myself) and English on illness and faith, pastoral care, education for pastoral care, health care ethics. I published editorials in medical journals.
  3. I was the Project Director and Co-Editor of the book, Clergy Ethics in a Changing Society, which was named one of the 10 best books in ministry in 1991.
  4. Amazon.com best-seller: Russell Burck, Senior Shock: How to Absolutely Obliterate Money Worries, Boredom, and Fear in Your Retirement (ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR $UCCESS SECRET$) (Volume 2), 2014
  5. In retirement, I’ve published about 30 more items, esp. LinkedIn articles on Intuition: about 10. In most of these articles, I write solely about my experiences of intuition, telling stories about how intuition has helped me.
  6. I create memes, phrases, and language-frames:
    1. “Without the patient, there isn’t any health care team.”
    2. “Good work leads to more work.”
    3. Many memes for spiritual growth, for example,
      “You may forget that the highest powers of the universe don’t set conditions for loving you. The lover never forgets to love you as you are.” Or the meme at the bottom of this website:
  1. I get results with myself.

    1. I have had a lifelong issue with anger outbursts. One of my psychiatrists found the language in DSMIV: “Explosive Outburst Syndrome” or “Disorder.” I caused myself and others a lot of trouble with it. My hand analysis teachers had enough of that and told me to go get some really good anger therapy, like Rolfing. I have been in cranio-sacral therapy for nearly five years now. My outbursts are much rarer and milder than they were before.
    2. I have learned about my own intuition, how to use it and how to recognize it in real time.
  2. Personal qualities

  • I take unusual routes. At a time when people were recommending study of a single discipline, like psychology, I wanted a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies. I wanted to be able to determine whether a concept in psychology meant the same thing as an apparently similar concept in theology. For example, is psychopathology the same thing as sin?
  • This course of study has been quite helpful as I listened to physicians talk about patients’ conditions and treatments during clinical rounds.
  • My work on German Protestant Pastoral Care (subject of my dissertation) helps me see doctors’ patterns of communications that are similar to ministers’ efforts to communicate with parishioners. The big problem I discovered in my dissertation is that German Protestant pastors sought to communicate a message to parishioners, rather than to listen to them.
  • I attended clinical rounds in intensive care units and held rounds for nurses.
  • I provided ethics education in several residency programs, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, obstetrics.
  • I accept challenges and risks. I am one of the first Americans to teach American style pastoral care in Germany in German.
  • I taught in East Germany at a time that it was a crime for a foreigner to do so.
  • I use my creativity to solve problems that come with doing unusual things.
  • I have a sense of humor.
  • I like listening to people and learning from them.
  • I am highly intuitive and I know some of what that means.
  • I like learning and continue to learn at my advanced age.
  1. Lifestyle Choice

    1. As my career ground to an end, I considered myself and my career a disgrace, owing to the anger issues I mentioned above and to disagreements with other ethics consultants about what credentials were necessary to be an ethics consultant. Approaching retirement, I wanted a business of my own, but floundered. I sought help from fingerprint and handprint analysis teachers, who said that my hands show that I am to be an intuitive spiritual consultant who helps people take dark issues of life and turn them into something transformative.
    2. I thought I needed more training or education about intuition, but I soon found that by writing about my own intuition, I became something of an expert in intuition.
    3. The education I got about intuition brought me into a spirituality that I had not experienced as a minister. I have explored some woo-woo areas, which I won’t go into here.

As a result of going through these various steps, I am now confident in my niche, in my ability to help physicians owing to my interest in them and my many years of experience with them, and in my self-respect, which does not deny the distress I experienced at the beginning of retirement, but which affirms my worth and value now. I am now happier than I have been for years.

You are loved more than you know by more powers than you may be aware of. As you find your way more and more into that love, you become the gift that you came into the world to be — Rev. J. Russell Burck, Ph.D.

I would love a healing session.

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