“Intuition & angels can heal you in ways that you never knew you could ask for . . . so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!”

Thank you for clicking to this page to learn more about Rev. J. Russell Burck, Ph.D., and to see whether he can be of help to you.

Dr. Burck, who goes by Russ, bumped into Intuitive Angelic Miracle (IAM) Healing when his teacher, Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard channeled Jesus to him in a webinar. Jesus’ message fit Russ and his love for Jesus so precisely that he cried. Hard. This was the first time he knew that Jesus had noticed and valued his love and his special advocacy for him.

And so, Russ embarked on a path from “academic, rational” skepticism about energy healing to his becoming one of the first Certified Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healers and Readers in the world, a Certified Reiki Master, and a Money Reiki Master.

Russ is a retired Presbyterian (USA) minister who has an earned PhD in Pastoral Theology. He was a hospital chaplain and educator in pastoral care in East and West Germany and in the US. At Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, he was a professor of religion and health and of health care ethics and a clinical ethics consultant. After retiring, he searched for his life purpose: “To put his rare and advanced gifts of intuition to work for people who need some kind of alternative healing.”

After returning from Germany, he resumed his preparation to be a hospital chaplain. Some patients touched him because they couldn’t easily reconcile being ill with their faith.

They weren’t asking, “Why is God doing this to me?” Instead, they expected that their faith would help them take the illness “better.” Better than what? How? Who? The patients telling these stories, Russ saw, could use professional guidance about them.

To develop the use of his intuition, he studied Higher Consciousness I with Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, a world leader in the Law of Attraction, gifted teacher and coach, and channel for Archangel Michael, Yeshua, and the Divine Mother. He delved into his own intuition, publishing nine articles on LinkedIn.

Sage encouraged him to take her Higher Consciousness II program so that he could 1) apply his gifts to people who can benefit from energy healing and 2) grow as a mystic. In meditation and automatic writing, he found himself channeling Archangel Michael and Mother Mary, among others.

He committed himself to the program, feeling honored, amazed, and awestruck by the issues people brought to him, their participation in their own healing, and the profound guidance he received for helping them.

Russ views IAM Healing as teamwork—the client’s intuition and his own, together with input from the highest powers of the universe. Further, Intuition and Mind work together. It’s “both intuition & mind” and ”Russ & the client.” It’s not “either-or.”

Through IAM Healing and Reading, he believes, you’ll trust your intuition more than you knew you could. You’ll feel more enthusiastic, confident, focused, creative & successful in all areas of your life. Dr. Burck will help you do this in a way that’s empowering, enlightening & exciting.

As a retired hospital chaplain, he works comfortably with people of various faiths or who are “spiritual but not religious.” He will support you in a way that is comfortable for you.

In 60-90 minutes, Angels and your intuition and his can help you let go of your pressing or chronic burdens, feel free and capable, and move forward with greater confidence, ease and grace—into your best life.

All in all, Russ is a deeply caring person. His bio appears in several biographical dictionaries, including Marquis’ Who’s Who in America.